Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been a saltwater hobbyist for many years, but I was never really interested in freshwater or planted tanks. My perception of planted tanks was that they looked like the mucky dredges of the Charles River in Boston Massachussetts! But that all changed when my company relocated me to Tokyo, Japan in the Summer of 2004. It was here that I was exposed to the beauty and tranquility of planted tanks. After all, Japan is the homeland of Takashi Amano, the founder of ADA and zen-master in the art of the "Nature Aquarium Style".

Below are some examples of the "Nature Aquarium Style":
Pictures below were taken at a local store in Azabu Juban (


Anonymous Lennart said...

Too bad you didn't continue this blog about your tank. I would have loved to see how it has continued.
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